1. Must I be an expert to do rafting? Must I have a group?

No, as long as you can swim and are healthy; no medical certificate is required, but when you are enrolling you will need to fill in a participation form confirming your good health status, with no psycho-physical side-effects (eg. Cardio problems, asthma, pregnancy hypertension etc.) or nothing contrary to practising occasional outdoor activity like rafting, hydrospeed, mountain bike etc., It is not necessary to have a group minimum number; individual bookings are also accepted; The organization will form teams with other participants min 4 – max 7 participants for each rubber boat + guide.

  1. Am I accompanied with an instructor? Will I be given explanations on what to do?

Yes, a professional guide is present on each boat. Before the descent there is a brief theory lesson, paddling is explained, and how to handle the descent and all safety advice necessary.

  1. Can children do a rafting descent?

Children – 8 yrs min can go rafting if accompanied by a parent or authorized adult; there are special routes, i.e. suitable river routes for children  Bio Bio or Rio Claro with bus transfer  during more difficult sections.

  1. Which route is advised for family groups?

Rio Claro is advised and lasts about 1 hr: parents depart and arrive with their children. Precautionary measures are taken in more difficult sections where children are transferred by minibus (5 min) during the central section to avoid stronger rapids.

  1. What clothing must I take? What equipment am I given?

Rafting: Sports/gym shoes (better with neoprene socks or scuba neoprene footwear with sole), bathing costume, tight-fitting, long sleeved t shirt (ideal is polar fleecing); t-shirt is sufficient during hot summer days. X Raft supplies 3mm neoprene wetsuit, water jacket, helmet life-jackets, paddles, rubber rafts and professional guide. Possibility of showering facilities at the end.

Hydrospeed: bathing costume, tight-fitting long-sleeved t shirt (ideal polar-fleecing). X Raft supplies: neoprene: footwear and flippers, 5mm neoprene wetsuit, helmet, life-jacket; hydrobob and professional guide.

For lake kayaking: sandals or flip-flops (no footwear is needed while kayaking), shorts or swimming costume, T shirt, hat and sunglasses. Camera in waterproof container.  X Raft supplies: life-jacket, helmet (necessary only during canyon visit); kayak – 1/2/3 seater, paddles, professional instructor.

For mountain biking: bike shorts, gym/sports shoes, sportswear- (t shirt)   and wind-jacket e.g. K-way, sunglasses gloves, personal protection is advisable during “freeride” descents.  X Raft supplies supplies: helmet and mountain bike, professional guide. Complete protection will be supplied only for “Downhill”.

  1. Must I book? How do I book and are advance bookings necessary?

You can book online, by telephone or email, a few days in advance; if you are a big group, it is adviseable to book some weeks in advance! – so together we can organize, the date, meeting time, type of activity/activities and eventual restaurants or accommodation.

  1. Where to sleep and eat well!

No problem! From campsites, camper-van areas,  B & B’s near X Raft or affiliated 4 star hotels…from traditional food ready at the end of  the activity  …to pizzerias, characteristic restaurants…all near X Raft! We can advise and book for you!

  1. Can I do more than one activity a day?

Yes… if you are fit enough! A rafting or hydrospeed descent lasts on an average  2-3 hours. We advise you to do 1 activity a day with the idea of using the Weekend Formula (2 activities) or multi-sport week (5 activities in 5 days).