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Rafting centre in the Val di Sole with CUS Verona (Italian University Sports Centre)

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Centrally situated in the Val di Sole at Mezzana-Marilleva, in front of the Sports Centre   along the banks of the Noce river, with bicycle track crossings. The rafting centre is set in the old, rennovated sawmill area among woods and carefully cared – for fields, a few metres from the famous kayak slalom route  of the World Championships  on the Noce River. It is possible to eat and drink after the numerous activities that we suggest you, all thanks to the welcoming green park area, equipped with barbecues, tables and  sunbeds.

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X Raft Centre: A more than 30 year- long passion for the river and the natural surroundings unite us in this marvellous and always new adverture. Since 1982 in the Val di Sole, with the first canoe school on the Noce River, the first canoe and river kayak courses in the Val di Sole. The adventure began in that year, and is still always happening with renewed enthusiasm at X Raft. Our satisfaction has always been - transmitting strong emotions that can be felt while kayaking , rafting or immersed in the current while hydrospeeding - an alternative way to live nature.

Rafting Val di Sole collage foto
Rafting in Val di Sole

Discover our river sports with CUS Verona: on the Adige river in the city area and at the X Raft centre in the Val di Sole.

Are you a university student looking for a new, exciting physical sport activity immersed in nature? Try kayaking, rafting or hydrospeeding with qualified personnel from CUS Verona: If you were thrilled and want to compete in the Italian sports scene, you can enter in CUSVR XRAFTING TEAM! The main qualities of our team at X RAFT are congeniality, the joy “to teach” together with the assurance of long-standing experience. We welcome all our new “X Runners” at Mezzana, in the legendary Val di Sole.


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Welcome to the X Raft Centre managed by CUS VERONA, where you can try rafting, canoeing,  kayaking, hydrospeeding, mountain biking and a lot more, at the  new water sport location near the Mezzana Sports Centre in the Val di Sole!

It’s possible to unite pure amusement with competitive or amateur activities  at CUS VERONA. What are you waiting for? Come and see us in the Val di Sole!


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