Rafting means cutting through the waters of the Noce River by use of special rubber boats called Rafts.  An expert guide gives indications to the team who play an active part in the descent.  Rafting is an ideal sport for nature-lovers looking for strong emotions and spectacular landscapes.  An expert guide gives orders regarding maneuvers, but the team made up of four to six beginners, are the real protagonists during the descent in the rubber boat along the river. RAFTING: emotion, amusement and satisfaction  for having “challenged” and discovered the wild surroundings of the river


Easy to experiment daily, on weekends or with weekly courses organized by the X Raft Centre. All  participants in the boats are active protagonists who use paddles, and are guided with precise “orders” and indications given by the Guide. Usually for major safety, more boats leave close together.

During the “theory lesson” before the departure, in order to guarantee a safe descent, simple management techniques and necessary precautionary tricks are explained. There is no need to have a minimum number for a group and therefore it is also possible to book individually. The organization will eventually provide for completing a team with other participants (min 4, max 7 participants plus the Guide for each  raft).


Descents from May to September when most water is flowing along the Noce River. Descents organized by X Raft allow neophytes a gradual and safe introduction to this activity which is so adventurous. The first part of all the routes is simple and panoramic (ideal testbed for the new team) and then gradually becomes always more exciting, with turbulent rapids and strict maneuvers among the rocks in the Noce River.


"BIO BIO" Descent :   28 €
Initiation – the first river descent even for those who don't have much confidence in water but want to try rafting at least once in maximum safety. Amusing and advised for families with little children (min. Age 6/8 yrs). If the initiation went well, the descent can also be continued by transforming it into “RIO CLARO”
Duration of activity, with preparations and transport 1 hour 30 mins approx.
Duration of descent by boat 40 mins approx. (length of the river about 5 Km)

"RIO CLARO" descent:   39 €
Try the river adventure with amusement during rafting, with the right amount of adrenaline in the foamy, central rapids of the slalom. Even this descent is suitable for families with children (short 2 km. transfer for children in the central rapids).
Duration of activity, with preparations and transport 2 hours and 15 mins approx.
Duration of descent by boat of approx. 1 hour (length of the river about 8 Km)

"COLORADO slalom descent":   49 €
For those who want to experience a half day of river rafting adventure! A descent of the high section of the Noce, a " natural slalom " to do all in one breath, facing the famous rapids "of the world kayak slalom championships" and the and the section of the fast-paced river called " the purifier ".
Duration of activity with preparations and transport 2 hours and 30 mins.
Duration of descent by boat of 1h.20' approx. (length of the river about 13 km)

"COLORADO enjoy" descent:   55 €
An emotional and amusing descent in the lower part of the Noce, in the suggestive rapids of the "wood gorges" with waves and "foamy holes", a continual increase in adventure and amusement. Ideal descent for “team building” and groups.. particularly exuberant!!!
Duration of activity with preparations and transport 2 hours and 45 minutes. Duration of descent by boat 1 hour and 30 mins approx. (length of the river about 13 km).

"SUPER integral" descent:   75 €
It is the sum of the two Colorado runs for an intense day full of adrenaline! We will face the mythical rapids of the "slalom of Mezzana" and the suggestive " wooded gorges " of Malè, to continue up to Ponte Stori for a "super" ending!. The descent is reserved for adults, even without any rafting experience ... with a great desire for adventure! Halfway through route, a short regenerating break, to make the transfer of a short stretch with our minibuses.
Duration of activity with preparations and transport 4h 30 mins approx.
Duration of descent by boat about 2h 40 mins (length of the river about 25 km).

* river tracts and transfers with mini-buses can vary according to water levels, weather conditions, all checked by the rafting centre and the guide in co-ordination with capacity/abiity and safety of participants.



  • swimsuit or short tight

  • shorts trainers (preferably diving / surfing neoprene boots with soles)

  • long-sleeved fitted shirt (microfleece or synthetic)

  • T-shirt bath towel / bathrobe, etc., for the possibility of a shower at the end

    XRAFT PROVIDES: 3mm “long salopette” neoprene wetsuit, water jacket, protective helmet and buoyancy aid life jacket.

Rafting in Val di Sole
Rafting in Val di Sole

Rafting School: Become a Rafting guide!

Ideal activity for a group of friends;  a  different way to spend summer holidays; to know and experiment all the different techniques of managing and safety and be able to practise rafting autonomously ;

A person can participate even individually, even with the aim of becoming a Guide!

The course is held in five half-days, can be weekly or on two weekends. The specific management techniques except for life-saving and river safety are experimented daily during river descents.

Theory  lessons also for the correct use of equipment. Possibility to stay nearby in camper, holiday apartments and hotels affiliated with X Raft.


The  X Raft Centre is affiliated with the UISP and the Italian Rafting Federation.  It is officially recognized  as a Navigation Company and Rafting School where only licensed Guides and Teachers work. The X Raft Guides  have passed serious FIRAFT exams and know perfectly well all the routes proposed to the public.  The X RAFT  teachers are qualified and teach in courses open to all.

X RAFT  has a crew of instructors with the following licences: Italian Rafting Federtion – Italian Federation of Canoe Kayak – CONI Italian Hydrospeed Association – UISP, Italian Mountain Bike School, Italian Swimming Federation – lifesaving, Alpine Guides, Italian Orienteering Federation.